Ivan Rodriquez’s Career with the Texas Rangers

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Texas Rangers
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Texas entrepreneur Stacy Stine Cary has held leadership positions with a variety of businesses, ranging from Patland Oil Company to the parental rights organization Family Focus. In addition to her various professional and charitable activities, Stacy Cary spends time supporting local sports teams like the Texas Rangers.

Catcher Ivan Rodriguez leads all players in Texas Rangers franchise history with 49 wins above replacement (WAR), a sports metric used to denote how much value a player brings to his or her team compared to an average league player at the same position. Rodriguez signed with the Rangers as an amateur free agent in 1988. He made his team debut in 1991 as a 19-year-old and played the first 12 seasons of his career in Texas.

The power-hitting catcher quickly established himself as a reliable offensive player, hitting at or above .300 over the course of eight seasons. He finished the 2000 season batting .347, having hit 27 home runs and driven in 83 runs. Virtually all of Rodriguez’s personal bests came during his time with the Texas Rangers. He made 199 hits in 1999, including 35 home runs, both career highs. He also stole 25 bases that season, well above his career average of eight steals per 162 games. Rodriguez left the Rangers after the 2002 season, having been named to 10 All Star games in the preceding 12 years.


Tech Wildcatters – Startup Accelerator in Texas

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Tech Wildcatters
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Stacy Stine Cary is a mentor for Tech Wildcatters in Dallas, Texas. This intensive micro-fund and startup accelerator program invests in talented and ambitious new startup companies. In addition to small loans, beneficiaries receive the guidance and support of experienced mentors like Stacy Cary.

Tech Wildcatters is an example of a startup accelerator, or incubator, a company that helps multiple new businesses develop quickly. These accelerators act as a boot camp for fledgling companies, giving them access to the support and resources of a large, successful network. In addition to providing micro-loans and physical workspaces, accelerators typically offer assistance with business basics, management skills, and legal or regulatory compliance.

All incubators require an application process, and many of them are extremely competitive. The benefits of shared operating costs and built-in networking opportunities make incubators and accelerators very appealing to startups ready to take their company to the next level.

An Overview of Texas Rangers Baseball

Stacy Cary is a lifelong resident of Texas. She has spent time as an administrator with Patland Oil Co., and as the owner of GeOasis. Outside of work Stacy Stine Cary enjoys following Texas Rangers baseball.

The Texas Rangers franchise joined Major League Baseball (MLB) in 1961 as the Washington Senators. The team competed for 11 seasons under that name, finishing with a winning record on just one occasion. The franchise’s results improved after relocating to Texas, registering five above .500 seasons over the course of its first decade. In 1994 the Rangers won the American League West division for the first time in franchise history. Two years later the team would make its first postseason appearance, losing a division series to the New York Yankees.

The Rangers would contest additional division series in 1998 and 1999. The 1999 team went 95-67 in the regular season, the franchise’s best mark at the time. After a 10-season playoff drought the Texans would win their division for a fifth time on their way to the Rangers’ World Series debut. The team lost in five games to the San Francisco Giants. In 2011 the Rangers made a second consecutive run to the World Series, this time pushing the St. Louis Cardinals to seven games before eventually falling.

Household Tips for Pet Safety

Stacy Cary is a successful business leader and entrepreneur who has a wealth of experience in several fields. Throughout her career, Stacy Stine Cary has continued to serve the family business, Patland Oil Company. In her free time, she supports several animal protection groups, including Operation Kindness.

Operation Kindness was founded in 1976 and is now the largest and longest running no-kill animal shelter in north Texas. In addition to providing adoption services for animals in the area, Operation Kindness also provides pet owners with tips that can improve animal safety in the home. Many pet owners, for example, are aware of the threats that salt and chocolate pose to a dog, but many are ignorant to the fact that grapes and garlic can be equally hazardous. There are also a number of common plants found around the house that all pets should be kept away from, such as lilies and chrysanthemums. Operation Kindness also provides seasonal tips. Holiday parties, for example, can create excess stress in an animal’s life. Most animals are happier in a secluded area of the home during parties. Dogs should also receive extra attention and protection during Halloween, when unattended pets can be vulnerable.