Tech Wildcatters – Startup Accelerator in Texas

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Tech Wildcatters

Stacy Stine Cary is a mentor for Tech Wildcatters in Dallas, Texas. This intensive micro-fund and startup accelerator program invests in talented and ambitious new startup companies. In addition to small loans, beneficiaries receive the guidance and support of experienced mentors like Stacy Cary.

Tech Wildcatters is an example of a startup accelerator, or incubator, a company that helps multiple new businesses develop quickly. These accelerators act as a boot camp for fledgling companies, giving them access to the support and resources of a large, successful network. In addition to providing micro-loans and physical workspaces, accelerators typically offer assistance with business basics, management skills, and legal or regulatory compliance.

All incubators require an application process, and many of them are extremely competitive. The benefits of shared operating costs and built-in networking opportunities make incubators and accelerators very appealing to startups ready to take their company to the next level.


Startup Accelerator Facilitates 14 Companies’ Growth

Stacy Stine Cary serves as an adviser for Tech Wildcatters, which gives new businesses the impetus to grow further. Stacy Cary recently participated in the company’s massive Pitch Day sendoff of its latest startups.

The size of the event, held in Dallas’ American Airlines Center, indicates how much Tech Wildcatters has grown. Four startups comprised Tech Wildcatters’ first class in 2011, as compared to 14 in 2015.

Among the new names in 2015 was Trafinity, which collects and presents data about stock market indices, publicly traded companies, and market sectors. Its media mix includes Twitter and RSS feeds, blog posts, and financial statements related to some 10,000 entities.

Another startup, Pipem, sends emails or texts directly to companies such as Uber by translating messages into a language the service provider understands. Pipem then sends a confirmation of the request back to the user.

A recreational app called Jackpot Rising made a splash among the 1,100 attendees. It allows users of mobile gaming apps to engage in online gambling using actual money rather than game currencies.