South Africa Winelands

An African safari was on my To Do list, my bucket list if you will, even before I had a bucket! I highly recommend and will take my children on the next one. Whale watching and the sardine run will be one you won’t forget either! But for a not so off the beaten path trek, the Winelands wine tour will enlighten you in new ways! Promised to see and be ”scened” like no other wine land in the US. And the South Africans’ etiquette and kindness will melt your heart!


Pre Catalan

Ah, Paris! The destination of a lifetime? Maybe, but if you are one of those that needs to plan everything ahead, be prepared to toddle off the beaten path when plans don’t fall perfectly into place… they did with us! Fear not to stroll down unsure streets just to happen across an otherwise undiscovered community outdoor market, a quaint café, or boutique. The views along the way will be memorable no matter what! And at least you have GPS in your phone….I did not!
When I was there, most of the museums were on strike for a couple of day. Our meanderings took us to the beautiful Bois de Boulogne in the west end of Paris. Not only is it one of the largest parks in the world, …approx 2.5 times larger than Central Park in NYC: it envelops horse tracks, chateaus, waterfalls, amusement parks and is traditional in that you may see wedding parties, romantics strolling, and vast gardens. Additionally, for the culture lover, it’s home to the Louis Vuitton Foundation‘s stunning exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art.
But if you wish for a dining experience of a life time, please cross your fingers the stars and moon align so that you can dine at Pre-Catelan!
Bon appetite!

Health Benefits of Organic Food

Organic Food Image:
Organic Food


With nearly 30 years of cumulative experience in the real estate and oil and gas industries, Stacy Stine Cary is also an entrepreneur and founder of GeOasis, a company that imported and sold products made from nature. Along with her success in business, Stacy Cary managed a working ranch, where she learned to grow vegetables organically.

Organic food keeps rising in popularity, with the organic food industry experiencing approximately 30 percent growth in the past five years. This growth is largely due to campaigns run by advocates who do not want chemical pesticides and fertilizers to damage the environment.

Organic food supporters claim there are benefits to eating organically grown food. First, studies have shown that organic food has more antioxidants than nonorganic food. This is largely due to the absence of chemicals that may interact with nutrients in food.

Second, organic milk and meat are more beneficial to heart health. This can be partly attributed to higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in animals that have been grazed in pastures. In short, organic food is thought to be healthier for people because it has no added chemicals that might negatively affect the human body.