The Perot Museum’s TECH Truck Brings Science to the Streets

Perot Museum's TECH Truck pic
Perot Museum’s TECH Truck

For over 20 years, Stacy Stine Cary was part owner of a family oil and gas exploration company that focused on drilling, and oil production. A multifaceted individual with an interest in science, Stacy Cary is a member of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

The Perot Museum, located in Victory Park near downtown Dallas, opened its doors in December of 2012. However, the museum has already been hailed by the Dallas Morning News as a “world of wonder.” Perot is on a mission to inspire young people to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow.

In fulfilling this mission, the museum launched a project called the TECH truck. Designed to take science to the streets, the TECH truck began operating last fall, initially delivering science lessons to North Texas neighborhoods.

With a second truck underway, the project aims to reach 22,000 students by the end of August. The project focuses on low-income neighborhoods, with trucks bringing science lessons to children who may not be able to afford to visit the Perot Museum.


Highland Park United Methodist – 100 Years of Service

Highland Park United Methodist pic
Highland Park United Methodist

An experienced entrepreneur, Stacy Stine Cary dedicates much of her life to mentoring others. Through the Tech Wildcatters accelerator, she works to help develop startups into successful businesses. Stacy Cary is also a Girl Scout leader, and she volunteers and teaches Sunday school at her church, Highland Park United Methodist Church.

Highland Park United Methodist Church, or HPUMC, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Church began in 1916 on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Just ten years later, construction began on the present-day church building. The first service was held there in February of 1927. Through the years the congregation has grown to more than 15,000 members. In 2011 the historic Munger Place Church was renovated to become a satellite campus for HPUM.

Highland Park United Methodist Church members are heavily involved in the community. The church’s Carpenters for Christ Ministry has taken part in 100 home builds for Habitat for Humanity. Members have completed missions in more than 16 countries around the world. HPUM has 15 support groups a respite program for families with special needs children, and a campaign to help send hundreds of inner-city children to summer camp each year.

Girl Scout Camps of Northeast Texas

Girl Scout Camps of Northeast Texas pic
Girl Scout Camps of Northeast Texas

An experienced real estate professional and entrepreneur, Stacy Stine Cary is also very involved in her community. In addition to involvement with charities such as Apartment Angels, Stacy Stine Cary has been a Girl Scout Leader and Cookie Mom for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas for the past five years.

Part of the larger Girl Scouts of America organization, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas are members of a community of nearly two million Girl Scouts across the country. In addition to ongoing patch programs and other events, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas host five different camp programs.

Located near Dallas, Camp Whispering Cedars hosts a pool, hiking trails and a large cabin for events. Camp K and Camp Rocky Point are two lakeside camps on Lake Texoma, where campers can kayak, canoe, and swim. Camp Gambill features updated cabins and a putt-putt course, while the final camp, Bette Perot, features horse riding and a high ropes course. For additional information on the camp options, visit

Operation Kindness Animal Shelter School Program

Operation Kindness pic
Operation Kindness

A former real estate professional and parental rights activist, Stacy Stine Cary supports a vast array of organizations. An animal protection advocate, Stacy Cary counts Operation Kindness, North Texas’ first and largest animal shelter, among the entities she supports. A no-kill shelter, Operation Kindness cares for approximately 300 cats and dogs daily, until they are adopted into loving homes.

One of the unique opportunities at Operation Kindness is called Kindness for Kids, a program through which Operation Kindness employees and volunteers take shelter dogs to local schools and after-school programs and use them as a channel to teach kids traditional lessons like math and history, as well as skills in caring for animals and demonstrating compassion.

Kindness for Kids always needs volunteers and looks for anyone with a passion for animals, a love for children, and the willingness and ability to pass a background check. Those volunteers are then able to attend Kindness for Kids events and impact the lives of children and friendly shelter dogs.

Apartment Angel Helps Protect Renters

Apartment Angel pic
Apartment Angel

Stacy Stine Cary is an active member in many charity and community groups as she maintains her successful career as an entrepreneur and a mentor for startup accelerator Tech Wildcatters. One of the charities Stacy Cary is involved in is called Apartment Angel.

Apartment Angel is an organization that aims to prevent evictions by supporting renters suffering short-term hardship, such as illness or sudden job loss. The organization provides tenants with one month’s rent, thus giving them time to recover and get back on track without losing their apartment.

Rents have been rising in recent years in the US, up 7 percent in 2014 while incomes grew by only 1.8 percent that same year. Evictions are on the rise; San Francisco’s Rent Board saw a 45 percent increase in wrongful eviction appeals since 2011. Renters are now putting about 30 percent of their income toward housing, making renters more vulnerable than ever.

Apartment Angel is supported by individuals as well as companies and organizations including Capstone Multi-Family Group, JARS Residential Properties, and The Woods Academy.

The Girl Scouts Gold Award

Girl Scouts Gold Award pic
Girl Scouts Gold Award

Stacy Stine Cary serves as a mentor for Tech Wildcatters, a fund that invests in startup companies. Beyond her professional pursuits, Stacy Stine Cary supports a range of philanthropic causes. One organization for which she volunteers is the Girl Scouts of America.

The most prestigious award offered by the Girl Scouts is the Girl Scout Gold Award, which recognizes young women who have shown dedication the group’s directives and the broader world. In 2016, the award turns 100 years old.

To be eligible for a Gold Award, applicants must be registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador and be currently enrolled in high school. Additionally, applicants must have already either received a Silver Award and completed a journey or completed two Senior or Ambassador journeys. To qualify for a Gold Award, Scouts must develop and implement a plan that will positively impact the local community. Earning a Gold Award helps Scouts make an impact in their community and qualify for certain Girl Scout-related scholarships. It also helps communities across the country by encouraging Scouts to engage with local issues.

Operation Kindness Finds Homes for Dogs, Cats

Operation Kindness pic
Operation Kindness

As a Texas rancher, Stacy Stine Cary has been interested in the care and health of animals for years. Among her many philanthropic endeavors, Stacy Cary supports the animal advocacy group Operation Kindness.

This Carrollton, Texas-based shelter houses homeless dogs and cats, and the shelter maintains a strict, no-kill policy. It seeks loving homes for all the pets it takes in, and it is funded in large part through donations. One of its donor programs is the Happy Tails Society.

Members of Happy Tails make a monthly donation to Operation Kindness. The money raised through the program pays for essentials such as food, shelter, medical care, and behavior training. Happy Tails has a number of fixed contribution amounts for donors. A gift of $19 per month, for example, helps to pay for the animals’ food, medical care and shelter. A $100 monthly contribution funds a spay or neuter surgery for one dog or cat. Those who donate $500 per month pay to feed each animal housed by Operation Kindness for one week.