Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap jpg

I love integrating history in with vacations! I have found my kids love it too.

Here’s a memorable walking tour that incites learning, discussion and spiritual empress.

It’s hard for us to understand how humble the origin is of the United States. After the American Revolution, settlers began to pour across the Appalachian Mountains to the new land of Kentucky. Their technology consisted of the axe and the long rifle and they relied on themselves for a better life.

They crossed the Appalachians through the Cumberland Gap. The Cumberland Gap National Park lies on the borders of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. It had been used as a passageway for centuries by the buffalo and Indians. Daniel Boone was the first to clear the way through the Cumberland Gap in 1775, creating the Wilderness Road, and established Boonesborough in Kentucky. Crossing was usually done in the winter so that spring planting could commence upon arrival.

Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather crossed through that same Gap on his way west.

Today you can walk the 14 miles along the Wilderness Road, which has been restored to the way it looked in 1775. You can literally follow the same footsteps of Daniel Boone and those first settlers, see the Road as it looked to them, and feel the soul of America.


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