The Adobe Walls

Adobe Walls pic
Quanah Parker

I am a small percentage Crow Indian. A picture of my half-blood grandmother and quarter-blood father would be enough proof right there! How many of you are aware if you have American Indian roots?

Everyone in Texas knows about the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. How many people know about the Adobe Walls?

 If battle deaths make a ground scared, then the grounds around Adobe Walls are as sacred as any place in Texas. It is in what is now called Hutchison County in the Texas Panhandle.

The settlement was a center for the white man buffalo hunters. It became a center for battle because the Indians saw it as their center of major food source, tools, and shelter. 

The first big battle was in 1864. Kit Carson led 372 army troops against about 3,000 Kiowa, Comanche and Plains Apache. Kit Carson was a brilliant leader but he couldn’t overcome 10 to 1 odds and so backed off.  

The second big battle was in 1874. This time 28 hunters were behind the Walls and included Bat Masterson and Billy Dixon. About 700 Comanche attacked, led by Quanah Parker and another chief. In the first rush, they got close enough to bang on the doors and windows but were held off by pistols and Winchesters. That was their best chance. After that, the hunters were alert and held off the Comanche with their long range buffalo rifles. It was the sight of one of the largest Indian battles in the current US. 


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