The Perot Museum’s TECH Truck Brings Science to the Streets

Perot Museum's TECH Truck pic
Perot Museum’s TECH Truck

For over 20 years, Stacy Stine Cary was part owner of a family oil and gas exploration company that focused on drilling, and oil production. A multifaceted individual with an interest in science, Stacy Cary is a member of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

The Perot Museum, located in Victory Park near downtown Dallas, opened its doors in December of 2012. However, the museum has already been hailed by the Dallas Morning News as a “world of wonder.” Perot is on a mission to inspire young people to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow.

In fulfilling this mission, the museum launched a project called the TECH truck. Designed to take science to the streets, the TECH truck began operating last fall, initially delivering science lessons to North Texas neighborhoods.

With a second truck underway, the project aims to reach 22,000 students by the end of August. The project focuses on low-income neighborhoods, with trucks bringing science lessons to children who may not be able to afford to visit the Perot Museum.


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