The Gauntlet – Keeping Startups on Track

Tech Wildcatters pic
Tech Wildcatters

Stacy Stine Cary is a mentor for the Tech Wildcatters, a Dallas, Texas-based accelerator for promising startups. Drawing on her background in oil, real estate, and retail, Stacy Cary helps startups to create business successful models by investing time and resources in them.

Tech Wildcatters has created a completely new model for accelerators called The Gauntlet. It is a five-step system to help startups grow into well-run companies, with an emphasis on making sure that startups complete each stage before moving on to another. Funding is doled out as they reach each new stage. Tech Wildcatters set up software for the startups to track progress and compare their work with other teams in the process.

In May 2016, the first group of startups that began The Gauntlet presented their work at the Tech Wildcatters Spring Pitch Day. The 11 startups that presented have all proceeded to at least the third level of The Gauntlet and all have revenue coming in. Tech Wildcatters expects to admit more startups than ever and increase funding using this model.


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