Operation Kindness Animal Shelter School Program

Operation Kindness pic
Operation Kindness
Image: operationkindness.org

A former real estate professional and parental rights activist, Stacy Stine Cary supports a vast array of organizations. An animal protection advocate, Stacy Cary counts Operation Kindness, North Texas’ first and largest animal shelter, among the entities she supports. A no-kill shelter, Operation Kindness cares for approximately 300 cats and dogs daily, until they are adopted into loving homes.

One of the unique opportunities at Operation Kindness is called Kindness for Kids, a program through which Operation Kindness employees and volunteers take shelter dogs to local schools and after-school programs and use them as a channel to teach kids traditional lessons like math and history, as well as skills in caring for animals and demonstrating compassion.

Kindness for Kids always needs volunteers and looks for anyone with a passion for animals, a love for children, and the willingness and ability to pass a background check. Those volunteers are then able to attend Kindness for Kids events and impact the lives of children and friendly shelter dogs.


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