Tech Wildcatter’s New Model for Startups, The Gauntlet

Tech Wildcatters pic
Tech Wildcatters

Stacy Stine Cary is a professional with diverse experience in real estate, oil, and gas, and running her own business ventures. Stacy Cary is now a mentor for startup accelerator Tech Wildcatters.

Founded in 2009, Tech Wildcatters has invested in 72 startups, leading to the creation of 450 jobs. Recently, the company has started a new model for the acceleration process they are calling the Gauntlet.

Previously, startups would apply and be given $25,000 and an opportunity to pitch to area investors if accepted in exchange for 8 percent equity. As Tech Wildcatters found, however, some startups were more successful than others; certain real world concerns can stop or slow a startup when they discover that their customers’ needs are not what they expected, for example.

Thanks to improved data collected by the company over the years, The Gauntlet allows Tech Wildcatters to test and explore startups through a five-tiered system, offering the startups more investment the farther they go in the system. This innovative new accelerator model is very different from the previous system, but stands to grow the successful company even more: while Tech Wildcatters would accept around 20 startups annually in previous years, this new model allows for up to 100 this year.


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