Apartment Angel Helps Protect Renters

Apartment Angel pic
Apartment Angel
Image: apartmentangel.org

Stacy Stine Cary is an active member in many charity and community groups as she maintains her successful career as an entrepreneur and a mentor for startup accelerator Tech Wildcatters. One of the charities Stacy Cary is involved in is called Apartment Angel.

Apartment Angel is an organization that aims to prevent evictions by supporting renters suffering short-term hardship, such as illness or sudden job loss. The organization provides tenants with one month’s rent, thus giving them time to recover and get back on track without losing their apartment.

Rents have been rising in recent years in the US, up 7 percent in 2014 while incomes grew by only 1.8 percent that same year. Evictions are on the rise; San Francisco’s Rent Board saw a 45 percent increase in wrongful eviction appeals since 2011. Renters are now putting about 30 percent of their income toward housing, making renters more vulnerable than ever.

Apartment Angel is supported by individuals as well as companies and organizations including Capstone Multi-Family Group, JARS Residential Properties, and The Woods Academy.


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