Tech Wildcatters to Launch “The Gauntlet” Accelerator Model

Tech Wildcatters pic
Tech Wildcatters

An experienced professional with specialized knowledge in the real estate and oil and gas industries, Stacy Stine Cary now works with Tech Wildcatters in Dallas, Texas. As a mentor for the leading startup accelerator, Stacy Cary assists emerging tech firms in developing their strategies, connecting with local investors, and advancing their businesses overall.

Since its inception, Tech Wildcatters has helped more than 70 startups establish themselves in the tech industry. Their participants have raised over $64 million in collective follow-up funding, in addition to creating over 450 new jobs. In 2016, Tech Wildcatters will introduce The Gauntlet, an innovative new accelerator model aimed at highlighting the most promising players in the tech startup arena.

The original Tech Wildcatters model took place over a single three-month program each year. After applying, accepted firms received $25,000 in funding in exchange for an 8 percent equity stake, then benefited from the organization’s vast network of mentorship and workshop resources. The program concluded with a pitch day finale, during which participants had the chance to connect with local investors.

The Tech Wildcatters program will still conclude with a pitch day, but will now offer multiple three-month programs each year from March to September. Each class of startups will engage in a newly designed, five-level methodology comprising phases for business discovery, building, launch, growth, and scaling. Startups that succeed through levels two through four have the opportunity to earn as much as $30,000 in funding for an 8 percent equity stake, with the chance to acquire a $100,000 investment at level five. While tech startups will still benefit from Tech Wildcatters’ numerous resources, this new accelerator model places a renewed emphasis on business competition and strategic development.


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