The Girl Scouts Gold Award

Girl Scouts Gold Award pic
Girl Scouts Gold Award

Stacy Stine Cary serves as a mentor for Tech Wildcatters, a fund that invests in startup companies. Beyond her professional pursuits, Stacy Stine Cary supports a range of philanthropic causes. One organization for which she volunteers is the Girl Scouts of America.

The most prestigious award offered by the Girl Scouts is the Girl Scout Gold Award, which recognizes young women who have shown dedication the group’s directives and the broader world. In 2016, the award turns 100 years old.

To be eligible for a Gold Award, applicants must be registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador and be currently enrolled in high school. Additionally, applicants must have already either received a Silver Award and completed a journey or completed two Senior or Ambassador journeys. To qualify for a Gold Award, Scouts must develop and implement a plan that will positively impact the local community. Earning a Gold Award helps Scouts make an impact in their community and qualify for certain Girl Scout-related scholarships. It also helps communities across the country by encouraging Scouts to engage with local issues.


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