SensorSphere and MindTalk among MERGE Program Participants

Tech Wildcatters pic
Tech Wildcatters

Longtime North Texas entrepreneur Stacy Stine Cary has diverse experience as both the former owner of GeOasis and an angel investor. Stacy Cary applies her business knowledge in mentoring startups through Tech Wildcatters, a Dallas-based technology accelerator. In 2015, the B2B-focused organization announced an EMERGE partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and Center for Innovative Technology to create next-generation consumer wearable technologies.

Four startups were selected for the inaugural 12-week intensive program, which paired them with mentors and culminated in demo days in San Francisco and Dallas. SensorSphere is engaged in creating a robotic environmental-monitoring ball that can be thrown or driven into emergency sites by first responders. The ball transfers vital data, including high-definition videos and environmental readings, to responders who can remain at a safe distance from the affected area.

Another EMERGE participant, MindTalk, has developed mouthguards equipped with bone conduction technologies that enable athletes to receive communications and listen to audio materials. The current focus is on adapting this technology for use by emergency responders in environments that are extremely loud or hazardous and in which outer ear protection is required but headphones are inadequate.


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