Operation Kindness Finds Homes for Dogs, Cats

Operation Kindness pic
Operation Kindness
Image: operationkindness.org

As a Texas rancher, Stacy Stine Cary has been interested in the care and health of animals for years. Among her many philanthropic endeavors, Stacy Cary supports the animal advocacy group Operation Kindness.

This Carrollton, Texas-based shelter houses homeless dogs and cats, and the shelter maintains a strict, no-kill policy. It seeks loving homes for all the pets it takes in, and it is funded in large part through donations. One of its donor programs is the Happy Tails Society.

Members of Happy Tails make a monthly donation to Operation Kindness. The money raised through the program pays for essentials such as food, shelter, medical care, and behavior training. Happy Tails has a number of fixed contribution amounts for donors. A gift of $19 per month, for example, helps to pay for the animals’ food, medical care and shelter. A $100 monthly contribution funds a spay or neuter surgery for one dog or cat. Those who donate $500 per month pay to feed each animal housed by Operation Kindness for one week.


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