What Do Cookie Moms Do?

Cookie Moms pic
Cookie Moms
Image: site.cookiemoms.com

For more than seven years, Stacy Stine Cary has volunteered with the Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas. In addition to being a troop leader, Stacy Cary helps local Girl Scouts raise money by volunteering her time as a cookie mom.

Officially called the “Troop Product Sales Manager,” or the “Cookie Manager,” the cookie mom of a Girl Scout troop oversees the sale of Girl Scout cookies every year. Cookie sales are the primary source of revenue for local councils and troops. As the manager, coach, and accountant, cookie moms help ensure that programs and resources for local Scouts continue. She also mentors the girls, supporting them as they build skills and raise funds.

A cookie mom’s primary job is to organize the ordering, distribution, and sale of cases of Girl Scout cookies. Individual troops may sell thousands of boxes in a year, and they are typically stored in the cookie mom’s home during cookie season. Boxes of cookies are distributed to the Girl Scouts, who sell them door to door as well as at booths and tables in their community. Cookie moms are responsible for tabulating sales and depositing proceeds in the bank for the troop. One of the most important duties of the cookie mom is overseeing the safety of the girls, which she does by enforcing the organization’s strict safety guidelines.


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