Tech Wildcatters Teams Up with a New Airline Partner for 2016

Tech Wildcatters pic
Tech Wildcatters

A longtime presence in the Texas business community, Stacy Stine Cary guided GeOasis for 13 years. The company sourced and sold natural products from around the globe. Stacy Cary remains active as an angel investor spanning diverse sectors and mentors startups as a member of the Dallas-based Tech Wildcatters.

Reflecting the diverse geographical locales from which participants in the program hail, the B2B technology accelerator recently teamed up with American Airlines to provide additional incentives for applicants to travel to Texas.

Each year, as many as 40 teams of entrepreneurs are invited to make their pitch in Dallas as the final step in joining the Tech Wildcatters program. This in-person event occurs behind closed doors, with attendance limited to select mentors and investors.

Starting this year, 2016 applicants will receive Business Extra Points, which can be used freely for flights on American Airlines. This will help defray some of the capital investment required for startups to make the trip to Dallas and explore the vibrant entrepreneurial infrastructure that has emerged in recent years. There is one caveat: international companies must have a U.S. office in place before taking advantage of the offer.


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