Girl Scouts of the USA Launch Digital Cookie 2.0

Girl Scouts of the USA pic
Girl Scouts of the USA

An experienced businesswoman and dedicated philanthropist, Stacy Stine Cary serves as a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs and supports a variety of charitable and nonprofit organizations. Currently, Stacy Cary dedicates her time and resources to several groups, including Girl Scouts of the USA.

In a recent press release, Girl Scouts of the USA announced that it has launched Digital Cookie 2.0, which will help girls across the United States sell Girl Scout Cookies during the 2015-16 season while building 21st-century business skills. The new digital platform expands on Digital Cookie 1.0 by providing new ways for Girl Scouts to set sales goals, track and organize orders, and earn age-appropriate Cookie Business badges.

Established nearly 100 years ago, the Girl Scout Cookie program was designed to help young girls develop the leadership, financial management, and social skills necessary to attain success in school, work, and life. Digital Cookie 2.0 continues this effort and adapts the program model to include the business skills and techniques necessary in today’s mobile economy.


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