National Adoption Month 2015 Focuses on Older Youth

National Adoption Month 2015 pic
National Adoption Month 2015

Accomplished businesswoman Stacy Stine Cary serves as a mentor at Tech Wildcatters, a Dallas-based micro-fund that invests in promising startups and connects them with successful business leaders and other resources to help them grow. Also an adoptive parent and dedicated parental rights advocate, Stacy Cary is joining other individuals and organizations across the United States this November in celebrating National Adoption Month 2015.

While National Adoption Month seeks to promote awareness that children of all ages in the foster care system need adoptive parents, this year’s campaign is focusing on older youth awaiting adoption. According to the most recent estimates from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are currently more than 84,000 youth aged 15 to 18 in need of a forever family.

Unfortunately, youth in this age group are less likely than younger children to be adopted, and many will be emancipated from the foster care system without ever being placed in a permanent home. Without the strong financial and emotional support system that comes with being adopted, those who age out of the system are much more likely to face poor outcomes, such as unemployment, homelessness, and legal problems.

Older youth who are adopted, on the other hand, are more likely to finish high school, pursue a college degree, and attain success later in life. Prospective adoptive parents can learn more about the needs of older youth in foster care by taking part in National Adoption Month and/or visiting and


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