Tech Wildcatters Event Honors Veterans

An entrepreneur and philanthropist in the greater Dallas region, Stacy Stine Cary invests in and serves as a mentor at Tech Wildcatters, an accelerator fund that invests in promising new businesses. Stacy Cary and Tech Wildcatters recently partnered with Entrepreneurs for North Texas, Carry the Load, and Equest in an event aimed at remembering fallen American troops and making the Equest Horse Park facilities more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Equest offers equine therapy for veterans and their families, while Carry the Load provides interactive opportunities for citizens to support veterans. On September 11, 2015, more than 400 volunteers began the event with a minute of silence to honor those killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center. Then, volunteers spent the day completing a number of projects at Equine, from building a wheelchair-accessible ramp to cleaning and clearing riding trails.

Volunteers were also invited to participate in a Horsemanship 101 course, which introduced topics in horse care as well as some of the equine activities available at Equest.


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