EMERGE – A Tech Wildcatters Program Focused on First Responders

Stacy Stine Cary is a longtime Texas entrepreneur with experience spanning the financial and business spheres. Also a Tech Wildcatters mentor, Stacy Cary is committed to assisting start-up companies in the B2B sphere.

The Dallas organization recently partnered with the Center for Innovative Technology and the Department of Homeland Security in launching EMERGE. This program functions as a seed accelerator for companies with consumer wearable technologies ideal for first responders.

One such company is CyberTimez, which develops technologies that provide those with physical disabilities with pathways toward independence. It helps those who are blind engage more fully with a sighted world and offers those who are hearing impaired ways to increase awareness of their surroundings. Another participant in the EMERGE program is LanguageMAPS, which has created a 1stMinute mobile app that enables first responders to better understand and assist non-English-speaking victims. The EMERGE participant Dashin has created a line of wearable sensors for first responders. These are connected with an open-dashboard platform that aggregates data in real time.


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