Tech Wildcatters Sparks Innovative Tech in Dallas

Stacy Stine Cary works with several organizations, including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, child abuse prevention organizations, and animal support advocacy groups. Stacy Cary also is a dedicated mentor for Tech Wildcatters, a seed fund and technology accelerator.

Established in Dallas, Texas, in 2009, Tech Wildcatters identifies promising business-to-business startups and invests seed money in exchange for a share of their equity. Being selected by Tech Wildcatters means much more than seed money, though. The firm hosts an annual 12-week training program that concentrates on education, mentoring, and networking–crucial skills for the modern tech entrepreneur. The firm has a number of highly skilled mentors with whom the startups can consult not only during the training program, but afterward as well.

Since Tech Wildcatters was founded in 2009, it has invested about $40 million in 52 different startups. Selection into a Tech Wildcatters program is highly competitive. Only 4 percent of applicants are selected, and about 80 percent of those selected are still in operation today. Past program participants include Koupon Media, Nimbix, and Image Vision.

Tech Wildcatters’ emphasis on business-to-business startups frequently puts it in the spotlight. For example, late in the spring of 2015, it generated headlines when it brought together Dallas-area tech developers and the area’s disability community to help design new technology specifically aimed at improving the lives of the disabled. Earlier in the year, Tech Wildcatters partnered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Center for Innovative Technology to encourage the development of technology to assist first responders as they do their jobs.


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