Highland Park United Methodist Church Builds Habitat Homes

A former rancher and oil company manager, Stacy Stine Cary enjoys contributing her time to help a variety of philanthropic causes. A supporter of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts as well as Operation Kindness, Stacy Cary volunteers at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

In addition to its many worship services, Highland Park United Methodist Church of Highland Park, Texas, operates several organized community service groups. One of the most successful, Carpenters for Christ, works with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for working people with low incomes. Currently working on their 92nd home, Carpenters for Christ represents the largest commitment to Habitat for Humanity made by any one church congregation worldwide.

Carpenters for Christ has marked several major milestones with Habitat for Humanity, including the construction of the 60,000th Habitat home in 1997. Carpenters also made headlines with a groundbreaking partnership with Dallas Masjid of Al’Islam, the first time an American Muslim group became involved in Habitat for Humanity.

In 1999, Habitat founder Millard Fuller challenged Highland Park United Methodist Church and Carpenters for Christ to build its 100th house. Taking up the challenge, the church proceeded to build dozens of additional homes and plans to complete number 100 by 2016.


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